5 days out from the South Island Log and Deadlift

With less than a week until the day, looking forward to returning to my 3rd instalment.

Returning to Bodycore Gym - 33 Battersea Street, Christchurch, New Zealand 8023, Christchurch, New Zealand - for the 2021 South Island Log Lift & Deadlift Champs.

This is open to all ages and ability levels, with the following events:
Max Log Lift
Max Deadlift

Weight Classes:
U64 Women,
U73 Women,
U82 Women,
Open Women,
Masters Women.

U80 Men,
U90 Men,
U105 Men,
Open Men,
Masters Men.

I have done this competition - doing Masters men this year:
Past Results:
2020 - 105Kg Log & 272.5 Deadlift
2019 - 95Kg Log & 260 Deadlift

This years goal:
105 Log & 280 Deadlift -- been a trying 3 months battling with re-occurring shoulder bursitis that hopefully is now getting under control.