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Craig G Smith

Powerlifter, StrongMan, Developer, Husband & Father to two amazing kids.

Powerlifting / Strongman

Thanks to Roy Hawker - an amazing person who pushed me into the gym (Sky Fitness Dunendin) in my late 30's, I started working out at 36 years of age - a 130Kg + of pure fat....

I joined a cross-fit box in Dunedin which had a Powerlifting club, which I joined on the advice from the box owner / coach.

Within the next year I managed to enter my first competition and was officially bitten by the bug. As of now I do Masters 1 Powerlifting in Canterbury.

Strongman become a focal point when I did my first Log / Deadlift Challenge in 2019, followed by Canterbury's Strongest man.

Squat: 222.5Kg - Nationals 2020
Bench: 162.5Kg - Nationals 2020
Deadlift: 285Kg - Nationals 2020
Log Press: 105Kg - South islands 2020

Canterbury & South Islands M1-120 Deadlift @ 272.5Kg
Canterbury & South Islands M1-120+ Deadlift @ 285Kg

Thanks to BodyCore in Christchurch City who run strongman clinics - I am slowly improving in strongman and hopefully will be doing Nationals in 2021 for the first time.


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