Crypto Faucets - Ones that I have received payouts from

In this post i will maintain a list of Faucets and such that actually have allowed me to claim and get the payouts. I will maintain this list in the hope that it helps someone (or earns me some referral commissions :-))

in Crypto


Coin / Features

Min Payout

Free Bitcoin

Free Spin every hour, Hi Lo Game, Wheel Spin, FUN Token staking, Lottery

0.00030000 to withdraw
I have withdrawn 0.014 BTC from them in the last 3 years.


Free ZEC & Doge Daily, and FLR every 36 Hours. Earn playing games

Doge: 1
ZEC: immediate
FLR: Blockchain still in development
0.00137813 ZEC / 2Doge paid out this year so far.


Free ZEC Daily, Bonus spin every 5 days

Immediate payout each day